Our Clients’ Feedback

What our satisfied clients said about us!

Realtor / Sales Associate

Villa Visions are professional and their attention to detail is highly remarkable. I recommend that you reach out to them for any of your real estate service needs.

Allan Fierstein, Re/Max Sales Associate

Mortgage Broker

“I highly recommend them for your real estate needs. I have nothing but good things to say about their company as well as the clients that I’ve referred. From their design team, all the way to their customer service, Villa Visions is the best.”

Walter Gorman, Absoulte Home Mortgage Corp.

Home Inspections

“I like working with Villa Visions because they’re fair and honest. I would recommend that you contact them for any of your real state or rehab needs.”

Vinny Gorgone, Home Inspector

“These guys really have what it takes to corner the redevelopment industry. Honest, fair, quality and hardworking are a few ways to describe this group. All of which seem to be lost traits through this entrepreneurial wave happening through business right now. It is an honor to do business with Villa Visions.”

Lexi C.

“Great group who is honest, and hard working. Everything they do is thorough and of superb quality! It is a breath of fresh air to do business with this company!”

Alexis Lexisoldit Cossé

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Villa Visions team on a number of different projects. I’ve seen several of their renovations from start to finish and can easily see their passion for projects in major home overhauls to the finest of kitchen details.

I mainly work with them on a business-to-business level, so from experience I can say that they care about the businesses they collaborate with as much as they do their actual clients. Overall, they always come through with their work and are easy to deal with! Highly recommend.”

Hannah K.

“Being able to do an art piece at one of the Villa Visions projects made me realize how much time and effort they put into their work. I had the opportunity to see all the planning they committed to in order to make their clients happy. They do wonderful work!”

Juliana Ospina

“Beautiful houses! These guys do great work. Highly recommend them for renovations!”

Hannah Kong

“Beautiful work, has a great eye for open concept living. Great to work with, honest, structured and reliable.”

Kay Nicole

“I met Travis and associates several years ago. During the process of performing a home inspection for one of Travis’s Soine’s (real estate agent) clients. I sized Travis up as I do all real estate agents. I found him to be knowledgeable and having integrity. Since then we have crossed paths many times. I assume he also liked me because Travis one day called me for an inspection on a house that he, Rafal and Andres had bought to renovate and flip. Over the last year and a half I inspected many homes “Villa Visions” has bought and renovated. As a home inspector who has inspected over 8,500 I was blown away by the attention to detail and the quality of workmanship in and around the homes that “Villa Visions” has renovated for resale. Looking forward to a continuing relationship.”

Vinny Gorgone

“Travis guided us painlessly throughout the entire process of buying our first home. He made us feel very comfortable when asking him any question that came to mind. He has experience from both sides (buyer and seller), which was so useful. His ideas and suggestions were always helpful and honest. Joey and I have often said that we don’t know what we would’ve done without Travis by our side.”

Natalie Perez

“These guys are so creative. You will not find work like this ANYWHERE and that’s a promise. Great work. Great company. Great people!”

Iwona NaNa